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Best escort service - Patience

I want to be the escort of your dreams. I am not just the one you call when you are out for a little fun and a few games. I’m the escort you call when you have a business function and you need a witty and business savvy woman at your side. I know I’m a hottie but I also have a brain that will get you farther in your business.

I am young and I know I’m not what you expected. I am a little shorter than you thought I would be but my curves and high heels will make you swallow your tongue. For the guests that are out in Las Vegas for business, I’m one of the most intelligent of the Las Vegas escorts available. I have experience in a lot of industries and I can do what needs to be done to seal the deal. If you need a girl to help with a convention, I can do that and bring a lot of attention to you. If you need a dinner companion, I’m the girl you want on your arm.

While I do love to take care of business, this is Las Vegas and I do mix business with pleasure. For those that like to keep their pleasure private, I am the most discreet of the escorts. I can take you to your room and give you a relaxing and erotic massage. If you like, I can call another escort up to give you an exclusive show. The Las Vegas escorts available for those games are beautiful and pleasure focused like I am. I enjoy pleasing my guests and I don’t hesitate when I have a request put to me. As one of the more discreet escorts, I won’t do anything to compromise your position with your company but I will do things that will compromise your ability to speak and think coherently.