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I know I am not what you were expecting when you started looking for Las Vegas escorts. I know and that is why I do what I do. I love taking people by surprise and turning the unexpected into the mind blowing. That is my job and that is what I do best.

I’m a tiny bit of fun. I am light enough for most of my guests to pick me up in their arms if that is their pleasure. Believe me, I love using my legs to wrap around the person holding me close to them. Anyway, my tits are just right for my frame and perfect for cupping. My ass is where the hands of my guests belong, especially when they want to have a better time than we are already having.

What I do for my guests never fails to make them happy. Of the Vegas escorts available, I’m the most flexible. I love using my flexibility to do erotic stripteases and lapdances. In Las Vegas, almost every escort knows how to work the pole and I do love to do it. If my guests want a girl on girl show, I know a few other escorts that will join us. I do enjoy giving massages but I think my favorite thing to do with my guest is give the Las Vegas VIP package. That is where my guests get the full girlfriend experience. That is just what some people need when they come to Vegas. I’m happy to cuddle and snuggle up to my guests in public and in the hotel if that’s what they want. For those that want to end their experience with a little kink, I do use toys no myself while you enjoy the show. This is what it’s all about when you come to Las Vegas. The kinkier, the more you remember your trip.